Medieval Towns and Villages near our Italian properties

The provincial capital Macerata

The ancient town of Macerata, administrative center of the province with the same name, is 20 miles away from our property, has a population of little over 40.000 inhab., and lies a short distance from the Adriatic Sea (20 mls). Macerata, like so many Le Marche’s towns, still retains its medieval lay-out of a walled city on a hilltop, but a much older settlement, of which there is archaeological evidence, the Roman Helvia Recina, existed nearby already in the 2nd C.A.D.

The town lies at the agreeable altitude of 315 mt. and its pace of life is both pleasant and informal. Macerata is a town of some beauty, has a university, a theatre with an yearly calendar of plays, concerts and ballet, a famous open air Opera House The Sferisterio for the Summer lyric season, six public museums, including two National Galleries for pictures, and good restaurants, hotels, shops and all the facilities to make life comfortable both for body and mind.

The University town of Camerino

15 miles from our property, Camerino, a town small in size with its 7.000 inhab., can boast a proud history that dates back to ancient Roman times, was an independent “Comune” (little self sufficient state, ruled by representative bodies) in the early Centuries of the second millennium and became a “signoria” (sort of dukedom) from the 13th to the 16th C. under the Varano and later the Borgia lords, before becoming part of the Papal States.

During the Varano’s rule in Camerino an University was founded (1336), which still exists much in the same place as it used to. The whole town still retains its medieval flavour and the ancient lay-out of a walled “borgo” built on a hilltop, with all its religious and civic architecture, its museums and venerable houses, palaces and churches, its lovely views on the Sibillini Mountains and a pleaseant pace of life that helps restore the human spirit.

The small but perfectly formed Le marche town of Caldarola

A short distance from our houses lies the lovely renaissance town of Caldarola. Located at an altitude of 314 m , it has all the services a town with with a population of some 1850 people needs; shops, post office, four bars-ice cream parlours, primary schools, two hotels, one with a great ristorante, medical services, etc. The town, already in existence in medieval times, was redesigned in the 16th C to include the summer residence of the powerful cardinal Evangelista Pallotta. Members of the Pallotta family still own the ancestral castle, an imposing building whose fortifications can be seen from everywhere around Caldarola. It's really well preserved and worth a visit with guided tours available every day of the week.

Other buildings of note are the Palazzo dei Cardinali, a frescoed renaissance palace, home to frequent art exhibitions, and two late 16thC. churches: San Martino e San Gregorio. Also the little but delightful 19th C. Caldarola Theatre shouldnt be forgotten, a miniature "Covent Garden", still in use for local concerts and plays. In Caldarola life goes by at a leisurely and pleasant pace, always accompanied by good food and wine, good numour and a friendly human touch.

San Ginesio - A delightful medieval Le Marche town with breathtaking views of the mountains.

Close to our Italian properties is San Ginesio, this walled medieval hilltop town has a beautiful central square and is named after the town's most famous ancestor, Alberico Gentili (1552-1608), a Professor of Civil Law. It has been named one of the most beautiful villages in Italy

Gentili's statue overlooks the wonderfully preserved Collegiate Church- with it's Romanesque portal, unusual brick Gothic facade, and dome. Inside, is a superb crypt which is decorated with incredible early frescoes by Lorenzo Salimbeni (1406).

The remainder of the town retains its original medieval layout and walls as well as many early buildings. These include two churches - the 10thC church of San Michele and the 13thC Romanesque church of San Francesco. There are also two of the five hospitals which gave rest to pilgrims on their way to Rome. Of these, the Ospedale di San Paolo, with its magnificent two storey gothic loggia and carvings, just inside the arched entrance to the town, isa famous Le Marche landmark.

The town's civic museum, housed in the former church of San Sebastiano, holds many works by Marche painters of the 15th and 16th Centuries and a haunting painting by Nicola da Siena of Saint Andrew watching over a battle between the towns of San Ginesio and Fermo.

The town has all the shops you need and a number of lively bars and ristorante, one of which is an "Eating club" which you join for €2 per annum and then eat very well at ridiculously low prices. There is also a lovely park and a well appointed open air swimming pool that is open the whole summer.

Sarnano - One of the most beautiful towns in Italy

The bustling and perfectly preserved medieval town of Sarnano, named one of the most beautiful in Italy, is only 10 minutes away from our Le Marche property.

Sarnano has a wealth of character in the ancient, cobbled streets that wind up through wonderfully restored piazzas, churches, dwellings and the impressive towers that dominate the amazing local landscape.The history of Sarnano dates back to pagan and Roman times and is home to a theatre, museums, rennaissance art, a spa resort, many restaurants, bars, many summer festas, some great shops, bars and a helpful tourist office.

Sarnano and our Italian properties are ideally located for outdoor activity, like parascending or climbing, for exploring the Sibillini mountains or, the Monti Azzurri, the smaller foothills that surround our Italian properties, on a walking or cycling trip.

Sarnano also has many bars, shops, ristorante and delicatessens. For a late night theres even a late music pub "Sticky Fingers" and a nightclub "L'ex" that plays Jazz until midnight and then more serious dance music

Sarnano is also known for its thermal waters; which are claimed to be beneficial for many complaints and the Spa or Sarnano Terme itself offers visitors health and beauty treatments in lovely surroundings at a reasonable cost. There are also other local beauty farms offering massages and beauty treatments nearby.

Sarnano has year round tourism thanks to its warm climate for most of the year and to its ski resort 15 minutes away at Sassotetto. The skiing and boarding are well organised and all facilities are catered for, there's even a local ski club. At Christmas time, the snowy backdrop of the mountains, the illuminations and the tree decorations transform Sarnano into a magical, festive place.

Tthe little town of Camporotondo di Fiastrone

A short distance from our properties lies the quaint medieval town of Camporotondo, whose history can be traced back to the 12th Century. This borgo or hamlet, typical of many in Central Italy, is built on a rocky outcrop on a small hill. Camporotondo still retains its ancient stone walls and gates and a similarly old church named after St.Marc the evangelist. Oddly enough the coat of arms of the town is the same as Venice's, a winged lion holding a book bearing the name of the evangelist himself, possibly on account of an ancient trade with the maritime Republic. These lands however were the dominions, in medieval times, of the Varanos, the lords of Camerino, and later bacame part of the papal state of Le Marche. Camporotondo, which lies at an altitude of about 400 m, and has a population of less than 500 souls, is a municipality in spite of its size and has all the services and shops to suit a little community.


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