The wonderful region of Le Marche "all of Italy in one province"

The Italian's describe Le Marche is "all of Italy in one province", as it combines that typical tapestry of famlands covering rolling hills, tranquility and unspolit rurality, civilised medieval towns, mountains, a lovely coastline and delicious food and wines. The region is bordered by neighbours Tuscany, Umbria, Abruzzo and Emilia Romagna and shares many of their best geographical features, yet is relatively undiscovered and surprisingly accessible.

The Sibillini Mountains and the Marche countryside below are laced with paths and old mule tracks and are home to a stunning array of flora and fauna. Our Italy properties are in an area that is a paradise for those who enjoy Mountain holidays, walking holidays and cycling.

The Stunning part of Le Marche closest to our property in Italy

Our Italian property is only 10 mins from the Sibillini Mountains which are one of the highest sections of the Appenines. The geography of Le Marche between mountains and sea consists of vine-clad hills, medieval villages and a rich mosaic of farmland.

Wherever you decide to buy in Marche, it's likely to be beautiful. However; this particular part of the Marches is very close to two of the "most beautiful villages in Italy", San Ginesio and Sarnano with it's Spa or Terme and ski resort, it is also only a stone's throw from medieval Caldarola and its 4 castles that include "Castello Palotta" considered one of the most fantastic and well preserved castles in Italy.

The Marchiaghiani, or people of Le Marche, remain closely linked to the land and life here is centred on the family and on self-sufficient communities of farmers and craftsmen, where the local Le Marche market consumes most of the local produce. The wonderful medieval Le Marche towns offer the visitor an amazing range of history and historic architecture, that ranges from Art Nouveaux villas to characteristic stone cottages, and are home to wonderful art, over 1000 working theatres, fantastic markets and year round festas where you can sing and dance, eat and drink great local fayre, and enjoy the local crafts and customs.

Le Marche sightseeing and touring near our property in Italy

There are numerous fantastic medieval towns within a short drive of our Italian property that warrant a visit medieval towns that warrant a visit, for more information visit the regional tourism site and their itinerary pages..

Whilst driving and touring Le Marche and its wonderful landscape near our Italian property you will discover many preserved medieval centres or centro storico in the Marche villages and towns. Historical Marche includes well preserved examples of ancient Roman engineering, at nearby Urbisaglia and Falerone and the Late Renaissance flourishes of the Basilica of Loreto and the Liberty style art nouveaux coastal villas at Porto San Giorgio and Civitanova Marche.

Le Marche is also the land of a thousand theatres including the grand 'Sferisterio' amphitheatre in Macerata, which holds 7,000 people and is one of Italy's premier opera houses. It has a superb summer open-air opera calendar and is the venue for the Macerata festival.

Flights to Le Marche and our property in Italy

There are also nearly 100 low cost routes from the over 30 countries to an airport within 3 hours of our Italy property. Please use the whichbudget site to identify flights from your nearest airport. Our Italy properties are equi-distant from both Ancona, Perugia and Pescara airports (1.5 hours), are under 2 hours to Rimini and under 3 hours to Rome and Bologna.

The Le Marche climate

The Le Marche Climate is categorised as Mediterranean, the weather in this region of Italy having hot, dry summers, warm Spring and Autumn and cool Winters but whatever the season, the weather in Marche would provide the owners of our Italian properties with a beautiful backdrop to this ever changing landscape.

Le Marche food and the cuisine around our property in Italy

In Le Marche, everyone strives to cook food just like nonna and cooking here stems from peasant tradition and remains unaffected by the arrival of ready meals. Marchigiano cuisine is robust and relies on fresh, top quality ingredients . As dishes are based on tradition and local produce, each local area has its distinctive "cucina tipica" that utilises local delicacies including treasures gathered from the wild including mushrooms, wild leaves, nuts and truffles. There are also many great ristorante near our Italian properties

Le Marche wines and cantinas near our Italian property

Le Marche produces a large variety of wines including 13 that carry the D.O.C. label. Many of these wines are a well-kept secret and in the past have been little known outside of Italy. However, the regions producers have started attracting attention overseas and full bodied Rosso Conero and Rosso Piceno wines are now fetching increasingly higher prices.


Sports and recreation in Le Marche

If you are considering a move to Le Marche and enjoy sports or the great outdoors, there are numerous options available to you. The Sibillini Mountains and the Marche countryside play host to following sports and activities, just click on the links to visit the sites.

The wonderful region of Le Marche "all of Italy in one province"

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