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The Borgo Ragoni - Substantial Italian Property for sale in the Le Marche region
€ 260,000

This ancient “borgo” (hamlet) was owned until recently by a local Countess, and whilst it is currently in a state of grave disrepair, of all our properties in Italy, it is potentially the most impressive, set in a commanding position in an unspoilt hilly landscape of great beauty.  This Italian property nestles between the two medieval towns of Camporotondo di Fiastrone and San Ginesio. It currently comprises seven buildings of various sizes and nature and over six acres of land. Among the buildings there is also a 16th Century little rural chapel (Oratorio di S. Antonio) which we have restored and brought back to its Franciscan simplicity.

The Palazzo Ragoni - The Local Le Marche Count & Countess' 500 year old Summer property in Italy

The main building of the hamlet is a rustic palazzo built in thick sandstone blocks on three floors, with an overall surface of over 1000 sq meters. It was originally built at the beginning of the 16th C, then added to in the course of time, by the Ragonis, an aristocratic family whose recorded history dates back to the time of William the Conqueror. This family have owned all the local lands since time immemorial, vast properties reaching at least three local towns.
In the course of the 20th C. the Palazzo Ragoni, used for a long time as a Summer residence, became also home to a number of peasant families working for their landowners. It was restored one last time in 1954 by Count Francesco Ragoni, only to be soon abandoned by all who lived in it, following the agricultural crisis that hit the Italian rural world in the '50s and ‘60s. It was Count Ragoni himself who decided to plaster over the stone building, in line with the questionable trend of the time, and to retain only a frescoed apartment for his family as a Summer residence.

Our Plans to revive this historic Le Marche property

It is now our intention to bring Borgo Ragoni, this once stately Italian property, back to life. Given the fact that all the present buildings are too far gone for restoration, the idea is to make use of their volumes (equivalent to almost 2000 sq mt in total) and materials to build anti-seismic edifices that will suit modern purposes. There are two main possibilities: one is to build a multiple building Villa/Hotel/restaurant, or a posh sheltered home for the elderly, or a residence with nice flats and swimming pool to be let to tourists, or similar structures. The other is to make use of volumes of the existing borgo to build a number of houses for private clients who wish to have a home in beautiful, unspoilt spots in Central Italy. We are now in the process of discussing this matter with the local authorities, who take a favorable, benevolent attitude towards these options. Borgo Ragoni presents certainly a good potential for investors in estate properties.

Borgo Ragoni - communication links and position of this Italy property

In spite of the unspoilt, beautiful setting this area is very well connected with the outside world. A free motorway (SS77) is only ten minutes away, so the Adriatic Sea can be reached in 40 minutes and Ancona and Perugia International Airport are less than a hour away. Lovely Umbria cities like Spoleto, Assisi, Gubbio are all within one hour. Rome itself and Florence are both reachable in 2 and a half hours. The small town of Camporotondo di Fiastrone is 5 minutes drive (this town and a few others are described on our local towns page). The university town of Camerino and the lovely Macerata, administrative center of Le Marche Region, are both half an hour away. In Macerata and nearby Tolentino not only are there good shopping and restaurants, in the former there are also interesting museums and an Opera House as well. There is also a score of very attractive medieval centres within a radius of 20 miles of the Borgo Ragoni: towns like San Ginesio, Sarnano, Gualdo, Penna San Giovanni, Monte San Martino and many more, all make the joy of visitors with their ancient stones, works of art, panoramic locations and the charm and warmth of their people.

The present price of this property ( inclusive of all plans and studies about it ) is 260,000 .
Historical images of Borgo Ragoni
Video with bird's eye view of Borgo Ragoni

Borgo Ragoni in short

  • Borgo Ragoni, Italian investment property.
  • A five Centuries old hamlet with seven buildings.
  • A restored, delightful, little stone church is part of it.
  • Two and a half hectares of land.
  • Formerly owned by the ancient, aristocratic Ragoni Family.
  • With a potential of almost 2000 sq mt of buildings.
  • Set in a fantastic landscape and mountain views.
  • Plans to retrieve the ruined borgo are in the process of being completed, with local authorities taking a favourable view of the project.
  • Good, easy access to the vast motorway Italian network, the Adriatic Sea and all Central Italy cities.
  • There is also a score of very attractive medieval towns within a radius of twenty miles of the Borgo Ragoni.

Price € 260,000

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