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Terre Antiche S.A.S. (Loris Nardo, director)

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Villa Sabina
Borgo Ragoni

Some  information about us

Terre Antiche SAS is a small company founded a few years ago by two people: the director Loris Nardo and his daughter Alice Giulia. Both had a university education and in life followed paths different from the business of restoring nice houses in the country. The latter is a sort of sudden passion arised after a long stay in Le Marche. As a result of that three of the four properties we bought in a derelict state were reconstructed with love, as if we were to live in them ourselves (and in one we did, as a matter of fact). The 4th one (Borgo Ragoni) has been studied and analysed thoroughly, restored in parts and put on the path of a future revival.
All that is because we are people who love to preserve the architectural patrimony of the Land, respect the environment and the landscape, and wish to do our best to do things well.

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